Frozen Meat & Poultry

We offer quality frozen meat (beef), lamb and poultry that are minimally processed and have a pure flavor (no additives or preservatives). For chicken products, we have wide range of supply from the boneless, skinless chicken breast, chicken wings, to chicken carcass. For meat products, we have India beef, Australia beef and lamb. Contact us

Frozen Poultry / Chicken

Chicken chop

Chicken whole leg

Chicken drumstick

Chicken breast

Minced chicken

Chicken wing

Spring / Whole chicken

Chicken carcass

Frozen Beef & Lamb

India beef

Beef tenderloin / Beef topside / Beef trimming
Minced beef / Beef fq slice


Beef ribeye / Beef striploin / Beef tenderloin


Lamb Shoulder / Lamb Shank.